Wastewater pumps from Desman

Wastewater pumps from Desman
Desman designs and manufactures wastewater pumps. Pumps with a capacity that varies from 10 to 600 m³ per hour. These pumps have a recognisable characteristic: they combine high efficiency and high reliability with low-clog construction and a long service life. These were the characteristics of our first pumps, with which we successfully entered the market in 1985. Even today, we still design and build according to the same principles.

Modular construction: very efficient
The modular construction of our pumps is very efficient. The standardised components can easily be replaced. Moreover, it is always possible to upgrade the pump – for example as a result of changes in the wastewater supply. The total costs during the service life therefore remain low.

Continuous renewal
When it comes to the application of materials, technologies and constructions, we are eager to innovate Innovation has become a part of our business philosophy. We strive to develop the optimum pump with state-of-the-art technology.
You can see the examples on this website. Read more on the different types of pumps.